The purposes of our museum are:

  • To preserve and protect Fire Fighter, a decommissioned New York City fireboat as a National Historic Landmark according to standards set by the Secretary of the Interior, United States Government. Under no circumstances is this boat to be altered in any way, scrapped, or scuttled without exhausting all options available to the organization.
  • To be a living and fully functioning example of the maritime history of New York Harbor and to offer educational programs to the public that includes the history and culture of the vessel, the Marine Division of the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), and New York City as port city to the world.
  • Whenever appropriate and attainable, train youth in the skills and knowledge of the maritime in an effort to develop leadership, marine craft, and seafaring skills. Furthermore, to empower youth as docents and restoration assistants, encouraging our next generation as stewards of this great vessel and her history.
  • To serve those defined as underserved, Veterans of U. S. Armed Forces, FDNY and other emergency service personnel, Wounded Warrior groups, senior citizens, children, the sick and terminally ill by offering opportunities to enjoy the boat’s history by participating in educational sails at no cost to them as individuals.
  • To partner with the FDNY and other museums in joint educational and volunteer programs that best utilize the talents of present and retired firefighters, engineers, deckhands, and pilots.
  • To uphold Fire Fighter as a vessel that belongs to no one person, but to all who have served on her and continue to keep her operational and intact.